How to choose the right perfume

Choosing a perfume can seem like an impossible task, so you need to take your time in making a decision. After all, this is a scent that will follow you round day and night! But making a choice without despairing can be difficult, so we want to show you the key things to think about when it comes to buying your perfume.

Firstly, as obvious as it might seem, don’t wear perfume: The fragrance that you bring from home will interfere as you try others.

It’s also not a great idea to try a huge number of perfumes, as a matter of fact, our sense of smell will only be able to differentiate six fragrances in the same session, so they have to be very different from each other.

Although you’re looking for a perfume, try the cologne version instead, but always use the strips of paper or mini bottles. When you test it on your skin, you only need two or three drops on your wrist, then wait a bit before you smell it.

As we’ve said before, never rub perfume and, most importantly, take a break if you notice your sense of smell getting overwhelmed – the best thing to do then is to smell coffee granules. Your skin can also become saturated, so apply the second fragrance as far away as possible from the first, as this will stop them interfering with each other.

Although it can be hard to plan, avoid eating spicy foods or herbs before trying perfumes: they affect skin perspiration.

Finally, the scent changes according to the chemistry of each person, so you have to like the smell of it on your own skin, not on someone else’s.

Ready? So now you know you’re going to end up with the perfume that’s perfect for you!

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